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So you would love to sell your house and are wondering what to do next?

So you would love to sell your house and are wondering what to do next?

By taking these steps one at a time, you will ensure that you launch your property on to the market in the best possible way and get those buyers to notice.

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Our vital 3 steps to selling your home

Get Ready To Sell Your Home

Make sure your home is ready for photography and viewings. It’s vital you spend time and effort on this very important preparation for marketing. Stand back and look at your property objectively. Is there anything you could do to make it more attractive without spending a fortune? Simply ask our team to give you free presentation advice.

House Pricing

When you decide on your asking price, you need to ask yourself does it fit in with an online search? In this day and age where over 90% of property searches are online, you need to select an asking price that will ensure your home is found by the maximum number of buyers searching.

Start Marketing

Launch your home to the market on a Thursday or Friday, to generate weekend viewings. The first four to six weeks are key to successful selling; research shows that any offers you receive during this time are more than likely to be the best you will ever get on your property.

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